Sound is vibration, countless periodic sound waves – sound penetrates our ear, reaches brain and leg - sound, that is music: pulls us down, push us up; make us cry, laugh, dance, and daydream. We asked us: Can this be increased?!

Of course! By giving the sound a new face:

Music and notes: A communication model between art and its recipient. If, even here and there, forgotten, we revive the ancient medium notes. Music becomes visible, playable, experienceable, and interpretable. We raise the musician experience to a new level. Clearly we wanted to break new ground in the Notes-sentence - so we thought about how to make today the fastest, best, most innovative music notes...

So away with pencil and eraser, end with the trying without effort with partly complicated Softwares- on into the digital Today. Our technology combines again what belongs together:


- Music and notes merging into a symbiosis, activated by
people who want to not only listen to music but also want to experience it.



Technology, development, musicology are our skills for the world of digital sheet music. Our core team is based in Hamburg (Germany) and works with a worldwide network of music trancribers and technologists.


Soundnotation combines the creation, sales and marketing process for notes under one roof. With new and attractive offers, we offer every rightsholder the solution to create and distribute his music in a notated form.

With experience, network and innovative approaches, we are re-launching the market for recorded music and contributing to its profitability. Soundnotation has the claim to be the standard solution and the first choice for rights owners in all matters related to recorded music.


Our One-Step Creation & Self-Publishing service for sheet music and lyrics is a worldwide unique approach to quickly, inexpensively and uncomplicatedly put music in a notation.

With state-of-the-art audio recognition technology and automated processes, both speed and quality are the hallmarks of traditional music output.