Sound is vibration, oscillation, countless cyclical sound waves – the tone that penetrates our hearing and reaches our brain and our leg. Sound is music and music makes us happy, calms us; makes us cry, laugh, dance or dream. We asked ourselves: is there more to that?! Of course! By giving the sound its face again:

Music and sheet music: A communication model between art and its recipients. So, even if we forget something here and there, we revive the ancient medium of notes and redefine it. Thus, music becomes illustrated, playable, tangible, open to new interpretation. We offer the tools with which digital sheet music can be created quickly, reliably and innovatively. So away with pencil and eraser, no more complicated notation software - let's go into the digital today!


Soundnotation gathers the creation, distribution and marketing process for digital sheet music under one roof. With new and attractive solutions, we offer every rights holder the possibility to bring music into notated form and distribute it at the click of a button.

Experienced, with a broad network and innovative approaches, we redefine the market for sheet music. Soundnotation aspires to be the standard solution and first choice for rights holder in all questions concerning notated music.


Our One-Step Creation & Self-Publishing service for sheet music and lyrics is a worldwide unique approach to quickly, cost/effectively and easily publish music in its notated form.

Using state-of-the-art audio recognition technology and machine learning, we offer both speed and the required quality of commercial sheet music.

Our already worldwide network, of professional music transcribers, always controls and guarantees the accuracy and excellence of our works.


Technology, development and musicology are the skills with which we will revive the world of sheet music. Our core team in Hamburg coordinates a worldwide network of experienced music transcribers and technologists.

Martin Beinicke

Larisa Bataus
Graphic Designer

Milka Rubtsova
Transcriber & Arranger

Lars Opfermann
Transcriber & Editor

Simone Erli
Software developer & Music engineer

Catalina Vulpe
GUI Design | Business Development

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