Audio branding and Acoustic Corporate Identity

audio branding

The term audio branding (resp. Acoustic Branding) has been coined as a counterpart to visual branding. Visual branding has the goal of achieving recognition and differentiation from competitors in the sense of a remembrance and customer acquisition - that is, attention is activated, an image is recognized and can thus also be used for media bridging. In contrast to the visual, the audio branding is ultimately about activating the hearing of the customer - an audible branding emerges, the brand becomes AUDIBLE, one of the best examples is probably the Telekom. As in the case of visual branding, the aim of the AB is to establish a certain brand value, in this case just by the purely audible translation of a brand into a corresponding brand-specific audible media appearance.

Audio branding as a part of the overall branding

The term audio or acoustic branding has therefore been introduced as counterpart to visual branding and denotes the process in which a specific sound or an auditive pattern is attached as a typical mark of a brand (as for example for Audi). The style and design of the music becomes part of the brand and its brand identity. The auditive is consequently integrated into all marketing efforts to create recognition value, differentiation and also attachment to the brand (cf. Langeslag / Hirsch, 2003: p. 236f).

Accoustic branding as a commercial-acoustic mix

Audio branding is therefore not a separate advertising medium, but much more a brand-bound product of the combination of all possible uses.
The audio logo, jingle, ad song, sounds, background music, etc. are components of the audio branding within the framework of cooperation and other acoustic marketing options. In order to put emphasis on the corporate identity of a brand, it is also sensible to design the audiovisual appearance holistically and in a multidimensional way. Audio branding therefore also works with little involvement -  it also more flexible than the visual logo.

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