Your arrangement on Spotify

Your arrangement on Spotify

Streaming services, digitalization, playlists are current keywords for the music industry. As a central tool, the platform Spotify has established itself nowadays as an unavoidable music service, providing access to millions of songs. The streaming service also offers new marketing chances for sheet music, not only by generating new revenues for scores, but also by promoting your music titles. At Spotify your sheet music arrangements are in the right place to be heard by as many people as possible. Turn your sheet music into audio samples and benefit from the rapidly growing streaming market.

How can you convert your sheet music into sound files?

There are various possibilities for this. You can play and record your sheet music yourself or let an instrumentalist do it. You will not even need to rent a recording studio for this. Today, most instruments can be digital connected to a recording tool like a sequencer software very easily. You can establish a direct connection either via USB port or through an analogue jack output. Both ways will allow you to record your song loss-free with the recording software.

A second option requires a little less work and means to play your digital sheet music with virtual instruments, thereby obtaining a sound file. Any standard music notation software can do this for you. The sound quality is however very different and depends on the virtual instrument libraries used. With professional music notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, or Dorico, the results are quite good.

Using Soundnotation for sound files and playlists

It's even easier if you allow Soundnotation to make the work. Soundnotation creates for you audio files with professional, virtual instruments recording. And in the next step you can send your songs to Spotify with just one mouse click. Especially arrangements for piano solos are well-suited to present your music in a new manner. This way, you cannot only give your fans a new listening experience, but you will also reach completely new listeners and, with a little luck, place your song in the top playlists for instrumental and background music. To take the first steps in the world of playlists, we are opening our Promoter for you, in which you can have your songs added to Soundnotation Playlists on Spotify very easily. The income from Spotify streams, will of course be added 100% to your revenues.

We recommend you also to create a playlist for your sheet music with your Spotify artist profile. Please note that for this a verified artist profile on Spotify is required. You can easily create your artist profile on this page:

If you create your sheet music playlist, make sure that you set the links to the sheet music shops in the playlist description. This is the direct way for your fans to get the associated sheet music. Some sheet music shops have also separate artist pages for each artist and composer for a quick overview.

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