Earn Money with Music Publishing

Earn Money with Music Publishing

We would like to give you some tips on how to publish and sell music yourself. Through the transformation of the music industry and digitalization, it has become much easier now to reap the benefits of your work and sell your own music online. Numerous providers have specialized in the various distribution possibilities for music recordings. For an annual fee or a proportionate sales participation, you can use such sales structures in an uncomplicated and cost-effective manner. Services such as Tunecore, Recordjet, Feiyr, Rebeat or CD Baby offer such a digital distribution channel for everyone. This kind of distribution is for many musicians without label, the most common way to bring their songs to the consumer. But you can also earn money by marketing

Sales of digital sheet music

For a long time this type of distribution was very unprofitable to publish your own songs. The note print has only been implemented for selected works. Due to high costs for the creation and printing, the business with notes often only paid for selected hits. However, the sales costs have been greatly reduced in the case of digital notes against printed notes, since no material and storage costs are incurred. Many notes are nowadays only offered in digital form.

Nevertheless, many songs are still not available in the digital world as notes. The creation process can still be expensive and complicated and many rights owners are unsure about the distribution possibilities of their music notes. However, Soundnotation has specialized in this market and provides a broad, multi-layered and international spread of the material. This is an important basis for the generation of profitable sales figures for sheet music together with specialized social media channels and important influences.

Previously, notes were the starting point for recording a song. Nowadays, it is often the other way around. However, it may also be very interesting at present to raise awareness of the origin of notes. Because as soon as notes from a song are available, the hurdle that other musicians play it is lowered. And this in turn leads to new audience targets, which also draw attention to the original. Furthermore, notes can be a very good way to boost the bonuses of collecting societies (GEMA, ASCAP etc) for live performances. In particular, cover musicians and solo entertainers are on the road regularly with current material and provide with compulsory public performances for the composer's income.

Music Note creation and distribution by soundnotation

Meanwhile, there is usually only one audio recording, which is the starting point to create a note output. Making notes from frequencies is, however, a very complex process. Especially when an instrument-typical interpretation is to be taken into account. Soundnotation has taken up this challenge. With us, you have the opportunity to have your works produced at the touch of a button as a standard piece of music. Through the connected sales network these works can then be discovered by fans and new customer groups. The digital notes end with the integrated distributor with well-known brands such as Apple, Google and Amazon, but also with numerous booksellers and, of course, also with the sheet music shops. These distribution channels are supplemented by a supply of lyric portals. On these portals your texts are not sold, but financed through advertising. You will be involved in these revenues. Soundnotation is thus your digital music distribution, which provides you for various possibilities for your music in different formats. So you can easily upload your own song to Soundnotation and publish your music and thus open up new sources of income in the music business.

Sources of income

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