Lyric videos much-loved by fans

Lyric videos much-loved by fans

They are having a steady increase in popularity: lyric videos. Once they were created mainly by fans, now both the majors and indie labels use the video format to spread their songs online. The performance of such videos is very diverse; some play the lyrics in front of a plain background, some produce an elaborate video with moving pictures. The most popular example is the lyric video of The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey – "Closer“, which has already reached 1.2 billion views seven months after its release on Youtube. The lyric video of Katy Perry's „Birthday“ is also a nice example, because here the text is not only shown in front of the pictures but integrated directly into the action. The story revolves around the text.

But why are lyric videos so popular?

They connect the auditory level of the song to the visual component of the text and thus extend the pure listening experience of the music. Fans can understand the words better and thus understand the content and interpret it for themselves.

Lyric videos are a cost-effective format for labels and artists, which can be used as a supplement to the official music video or as an alternative for songs that do not appear as a single release output. Thus, they open another channel to introduce new songs and expand their target audience. In addition to this promotional function, the videos can also serve as an additional source of income, by pre-empting them to an advertising campaign.

Soundnotation provides another extra: beyond the texts, the music notes can also be provided in the video. This makes it easier for other bands to play and cover the song. In addition to an increase in the popularity of the song and the contributors, additional bonuses can also be generated through live performances of the cover band.

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