Metadata as succes factors in the world wide web

Metadata for sheet music

Metadata are crucial key factors that promote sales for artistic works. Metadata are used to provide additional information about the product. Among other things, these may include supplementary information, pictures or audio samples. Metadata are displayed differently in each shop and not every shop accesses all existing metadata. Basically, the more detailed the information about the product is, the better. Nevertheless, individual elements are of outstanding importance for musical notes. Decisive are certainly the titles, composer and, if available, the interpreter. Especially for consumers, the interpreter is often much better known than the composer. An indication to all performers of that work, is therefore strongly recommended.

Also recommended are sound samples, since they proved to be a strong sales promoter. These should be added to each work. If there are no recordings of the works, a version with virtual instruments is sufficient. Soundnotation automatically creates an audio sample for each created sheet music work. If, however, an original recording of the work is available and the rights for commercial use have been accessed, this can be also very helpful for promoting the music sheets.

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