Music as a Recognition Signal in TV Advertising

Music as a Recognition Signal in TV Advertising

Hardly any commercial works without music today. In addition to background music as accompaniment, the use of music as a recognition signal is also widespread. There are distinct differences between the audio logo, the Jingle and the brand song.

Audio logo - the audio trademark

The probably most frequently used form of music as a recognition signal is the audio logo. It is often described as the acoustic counterpart to the visual brand logo and is usually combined with it in television advertising at the end of a spot. The audio logo will be brief, simple and concise, and should increase the recognition value of the brand in case of continuous use. The most familiar acoustic branding in Germany is probably used by the Telekom.

Jingle - melodic advertising

The jingle is a melodic element, which conveys the central advertising slogan or the slogan of the brand mostly through vocals. The tone sequence of the jingle is also kept short and concise, so that it can be remembered and even sung to the audience. The cognitive absorption of the slogan will be increased and the identification of the branding facilitated. A good example of an established jingle is the acclaimed slogan "Haribo macht Kinder froh und Erwachsene ebenso", which has been used by Haribo for decades in its brand communication.

Brand Song - the sung brand message

In the brand song, the entire advertising message is translated into a song both in music and partly in singing as well, subsequently backing the complete TV spot. The trademark song needs to be distinguished from the background music, because the trademark song is exclusively composed and produced for the brand or a special product. A popular example of such a trademark sing is the well-known "Merci, dass es dich gibt" of the Storck brand, which has been used in various interpretations in television advertising since the beginning of the nineties.

Music with its versatility, emotionally touching power and diversity opens numerous possibilities for the use within advertising.

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