Music notes - the external nature of music?

Music notes - the external nature of music?

Is music without musical notes at all autonomous?

Music is made interpretable as something abstract, in itself nothing comprehensible reproduced: music and notes - certainly an abstract communication model between art and the recipient?

Music as a language and notes as their reading form thus an ideal communication model between sound artwork and its listener. Because music itself has probably no semantic meaning.

"In music is meaning and consequence, but musical.

There is no profound insight in the fact that one speaks in pieces of thought, and as in speech, the practiced judgment easily distinguishes real thoughts from mere discourses. "

(A. Wellmer, Experiment on Music and Language, Munich, p. 29)


Music, based on a musical-theoretical and fixed set of rules, has its own syntax within its cadences, proving to be a communicative model between its essence as art and its addressee.

Theodor Adorno, who also refers to music as "conceptual-like moments such as the chords, which are always to be used with identical function, as well as ground connections such as those of the cadence stages, are often even melodic phrases that sign harmony (...)".

Music is language – are notes written correspondence and fixation?

As notes are recorded, fixed music broadens the communication model "art and recipient", as it is hardly possible in any other kind of art - on the one hand through the simple possibility of reading, thus reading notes, but also because of its concrete character to play them. Art and the addressee - music and recipients thus unite themselves through fixed to a homogeneous unity and return the supposedly external nature of the music back into its core.


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