Cover creation - the design makes the difference

Sales promotion through cover design

The cover plays a prominent role in the sales process of digital music, because it is usually the first visual impression the customer gets in the online shop. Soundnotation has had the experience that many publishers completely forgot the role of a cover. Often, only one standard cover is used as a template. However, since the consumer is accustomed to a pretty packaging from other products, it should not be dispensed with music notes. Therefore, individual covers can be uploaded and added at Soundnotation. We also have a variety of covers to choose from. We always recommend to make a visual reference to the special content, the music. Since the music notes are partly also available in online shops with literary books, the buyer should be able to recognize from the design that the content is recorded music. Ideally, a connection to the instrument or to the occupation is also represented on the cover. Also, thematic references for special performances such as Christmas, birthday etc. are helpful visual anchors.


Photo © "noTeS" by Robert Eede at flickr under a Creative Commons-license

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