Sheet Music Videos - YouTube as a marketing channel

Sheet Music Videos - YouTube as a marketing channel

Anyone who wants to draw attention to his sheet music will not be able to ignore YouTube. YouTube is the largest music search engine in the world. Almost all new releases are also distributed on YouTube. Whether intentionally or not, often the first covers and lyric videos are already uploaded by other Youtubers. In addition to the original, many adaptations can quickly be found among the first search results. In part, this video flood is however not in the interest of the rights holders and the quality sometimes questionable as well.

It is the obvious choice to stop or at least inhibit this wildfire by offering your own content, which fulfils the need for lyrics and adaptations. Ideally, you can use your music videos (which can include lyrics) to make fans happy and keep them on your channel. In the end, a well-made music video can be the initial inspiration for a fan, to take out his instrument, and to play the song for himself. In this case, you might just have established a deeper connection to this fan. Because it is a difference, whether you only passively listen to a song or actively participate in it, be it by singing or playing. In both cases, one's own physical experience leads to a deeper connection and a lasting anchoring of the music in the mind of the fan. In the ideal case, you can convert passive music listeners to active music fans with your music videos.

Earn money with sheet music videos?

Another aspect, which is often underestimated, is the monetization of your video. Monetarisation on YouTube means activating advertisements. If you activate your video for the monetarization, YouTube will display advertisements and share the advertising revenues with you. This option opens another revenue channel and improves the ranking of your video on YouTube. YouTube prefers videos with activated monetarization in comparison to other videos. However, monetarization is only available to the rights holders. Monetizing is not allowed for normal users. As a rights owner, you are sitting on an important lever at this point to position your video in front of those of normal users.  

Original sheet music on YouTube

You can publish the original sheet music for the song and the user can be sure that he receives an high-quality original. In the ideal case, you combine your music sheet with links to the shops where the sheet music can be purchased.
As an example for sheet music videos from Soundnotation take a look at Taylor Swifts "Look What You Made Me Do".

While a traditional music video devours a lot of time and has high production costs, the sheet music in WMV format is included in all sheet music videos from Soundnotation. The price depends on the arrangement, but in all configurations, it is always in a relaxed double-digit range.



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