Your arrangement on Spotify

Your arrangement on Spotify

Listing sheet music on streaming services?

Streaming services, digitization, playlists - there are the hot keywords for the music industry. As a central tool, Spotify has established itself as a now indispensable music service providing access to millions of songs.
The streaming service also offers new marketing options for sheet music as well as the possibility to not only generate revenue through sheet music but also through promotions for your music titles.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to bring your songs to the masses.
With our direct connection to Spotify, you can share your scores with as many people as possible.
Our recommendation: Turn your sheet music into sound clips!

How can you convert your sheet music into sound files?

There are various possibilities for this.
 You can record your sheet music yourself or by a pianist. You will not even need to rent a studio for this. Digital pianos can be connected to sequencer program very easily these days. You can establish a direct connection either via USB or through an analog jack output. With both versions, you can record your song loss-free with a recording software (i.e. Ableton Live).

A second option requires a little less work, your digital sheet music can simply be converted into a sound file with virtual instruments. Any standard sheet music software can do this for you. The sound quality is however very different and depends on the virtual instrument libraries used. With professional software such as Sibelius, Finale or Dorico, the results are quite good. In your Soundnotation catalog you can download your MusicXML and import it into the software of your choice.


Using Soundnotation for the conversion


It's even easier if you use Soundnotation. We create audio files for you with professional virtual instrument recordings. You can send your songs to Spotify with just one mouse click. Arrangements for piano solos are well-suited for as a new soundscape for your songs. Like this you can not only give your fans a new listening experience, but also reach completely new listeners and with a little luck place your song in multi-playlists for instrumental and background music. To get started in the world of playlists, we are opening our promoter for you, with which you can have your songs added to Soundnotation Playlists easily.  The income from Spotify, of course, will of course be added to your revenues with 100%.



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