Soundnotation is a service provider for digital notes. Regarding this, Soundnotation applies exclusively to music rights holders. In the various tools, customers have the opportunity to create notes from a music file, edit their finished products, as well as optionally for marketing and distribution.
The offer of Soundnotation is exclusively directed to right holders of music.
Yes, Soundnotation is a pure service company.
The songs from which notes are to be created can be uploaded optionally in MP3 or WAV format.
Currently, the following formats are available for the upload of the finished notes: SIB, MUSX, MSCZ, MSCX, PDF, MusicXML.
The MusicXML can be integrated into all common software programs.
All tracks in the Catalogue are stored for you without a time limit. Thus, you have the possibility to have a complete overview of your available works at any time.
If you already have your own notes, you can upload them in the Creator for further use.
Transcriptions cost between 20 and 70 euros depending on the arrangement.
Currently, the creation process takes about 72 hours.
Currently, Soundnotation offers its services for Pop, Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, EDM and Singer-Songwriter.
The notes are generated through a multi-stage and partially automated transcription process. With the help of new technologies, we are able to determine the exact notes in the first step. In the second and third step, the final editing is done by one of our numerous artists.
A complaint can be made by contacting our support.
Yes. As soon as the finished note set is available for you in the Catalogue, you can edit it according to your wishes.
No, all data will be deleted after the title is removed.
Currently, payment by credit card and invoice is possible. Soon you will also be able to pay via Paypal or direct debit.
The following package options are currently available: Lead sheet, Chord sheet, Piano Solo, Piano Accompaniment, Piano Accompaniment with Lyrics, Guitar Tabs and Bassline.
Depending on the skills of your fans, you can choose between five different difficulty levels.
You do not need a mandatory ISMN. If you do not have one, we will generate a product code for you.
Yes. After you have uploaded your title and provided the metadata, you have the possibility to add the corresponding lyrics.
No, you can use the service of Soundnotation completely without contract.
No. Soundnotation offers its products exclusively in Western notation.
The DRM is generated by the individual shops upon sale.
Yes. Each module can be purchased separately and optionally.
If you are interested in our sales service, you can separately select the shops in which your notes should not be offered.

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