Our vision for your sound

With passion and team spirit we conquer the music business.

Sound is oscillation, vibration, countless periodic sound waves - the sound that enters our ear and reaches brain and leg. Sound is music and music makes us happy, calms us down, makes us cry, laugh, dance or dream. We asked ourselves: can this be increased?! Sure! By giving sound a face again:

Music and music notes: a communication model between art and its recipient. Even if forgotten here and there, we are reviving the ancient medium of sheet music and redefining it. Music becomes visible, playable, experienceable, interpretable. We offer the tools to create digital sheet music quickly, reliably and in an innovative way. So no more pencils and erasers, no more complicated notation software - let's go digital today!


Soundnotation combines the creation, distribution and marketing process for sheet music under one roof. With new and attractive offers, we provide every rights holder with the solution to create and distribute their music in notated form at the click of a button.

With our experience, network and innovative approaches, we are reshaping the market for notated music and contributing to its profitability. Soundnotation claims to be the standard solution and first choice for rights holders in all matters concerning notated music.


Our One-Step Creation & Self Publishing service for sheet music and lyrics is a unique approach to getting music into circulation fast, cost-effectively and with ease.

Using state-of-the-art audio recognition technology and automated processes, we offer both speed and the quality demanded of commercial sheet music editions.

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