Sheet music from audio files

Music transcription is a labor-intensive process. If you don’t possess a very good hearing, excellent transcription abilities and a lot of time, then you will reach your limits fast. That is usually when the professional music transcribers come in. They are trained specialists with years of studies, that know very well their tools and how to use them; however, they are also very expensive. Often, only the music publishers are the ones who have their works transcribed by professionals. Considering the amount of – almost – daily song publications, the workload for this relatively small number of professionals, can reach fast the highest point.

Transcription of music

Soundnotation has therefore set itself the task, thanks to the numerous digital possibilities and a connected world, to create more space and opportunities for professional music notation. Just like ordering online a pair of sneakers – in the right size, preferred style and color - with few clicks of your mouse and have it delivered to your home, Soundnotation is making now similar comfortable internet service possible also for the professional transcription of music

Soundnotation has developed a new and unique tool, the Creator, which can turn music into professional and customary musical notations.

Starting with a simple upload of a MP3 – or WAV music file, the user has the possibility to select a difficulty grade (from a total of 5) and the instrumentation. Moreover, the user can provide the title and the lyrics for the song. This is done by simply copying and pasting. The lyrics are reliably assigned to the complete musical notation. In detail, this means that syllable by syllable is correctly aligned with the notes, paying special attention to all nuances of the lyrics. Phonetics will have to be checked and any numbers will have to be changed into syllables. The song “99 red balloons”, for example, needs to be noted as „ ninety-nine red balloons “. By doing such automatic preselection, a lot of time can be saved during the subsequent notation process.

Thus, the notation is done with minimal effort for the client and Soundnotation assures a finalized product within hours.

The high quality of the musical notation and the rapid conversion is made possible by a semi-automatic and multi-step transcription process. The progress is possible with the help of modern audio-recognition technologies and smart machine learning processes. This guarantees that the process of musical notation will became constantly more and more accurate and faster. 

As a final quality control, Soundnotation doesn’t refrain from the expertise of professional music transcribers. Therefore, a worldwide network of selected experts, thoroughly examine the quality of the notation, guarantee fine tuning and ensure an excellent product.

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